I was listening to the audio programme ‘You Were Born Rich‘ this morning from Bob Proctor. He mentioned ‘success is not an end result, but the progress towards achieving it.’ And I think it can also apply to wealth.

We’ve known lots of celebrities who have committed subside, e.g. Robin Williams, Marilyn Monroe, etc. All of them are successful in their career and being highly paid, but they are obviously not very happy in other aspects of their life. However, we may also see people in our lives who doesn’t have lots of money but they are healthy, happy and grateful for what they have in life! 

As a professional accountant, the nature of my work is to help people with practical aspects of money, wealthy building and managing taxes. However, over the last few years my interest also expanded to study the spiritual side of money, as I believed financial health comes from the combination of both practical and spiritual side of money.

Going through my journey and my relationship with money, I’ve found the 3 keys to be wealthy at any time.


  1. Looking after yourself, financially! 

Looking after yourself financially does not mean having to avoid spending things you really want in order to save for your retirement. But life is too short! You can still buy your favourite latte in the morning if that energise you. You can also spend money travelling business class if that makes you feel worthy and you deserve it after years of hard work!

Living a wealthy life is about being able to spend money on things you really want, things gives you positive energy and makes you happy. But eliminate the things you don’t really want.

But we all have lots of desires right? If you do, make a wish list. And take time to think WHY you want it before you actually spend the money! You may find some of them were desired our of your ego and didn’t really bring you joy, or you may find yourself not wanting it anymore, so cross them off. So you didn’t spend money on things you don’t really need. But for the things that can really make you happy, then please do get it or budget it. Otherwise, if we are not spending on things we enjoy, we end up resenting the money we are making.


  1. Appreciate your money

How do you feel when you are making payment to a luxurious vacation? Excitement? Fear? Guilt?

Some people do feel guilty when paying for expensive and high value things. It reminds us how our parents or teachers will criticise us when throwing too much money away. I had exactly the same feeling for a long time.

However, I started to write down things I am grateful each day a few month ago, and it also made me start appreciating the money I am making that supports me a better lifestyle, to look after myself and look after my well-being. As I start to feel grateful for how money has supported me to do all the things I enjoy, a feeling of worthiness and abundance follow through.

Gratitude is the pathway for a wealthy and abundant life!


  1. Focusing on Impact rather than income

At the beginning of my business journey, I was really scared about charging the price I deserve. I did feel unworthy and uncomfortable when it comes to asking for money and I did tend to give discount or give out value for free.

I recently watched the video called Impact before Income, and it has really made me think what kind of offering I’m here to deliver that can make people’s life better. As I focus more on the impact, I actually forgot about how much money I am going to charge, but found myself excited about how my services will be valuable to other people and how it will help serve their purposes. I believed in my products/services, then the price discussion naturally follow through. I now have people buying my higher value packages and even we’ve got client who would rather work with us even our services are relatively more expensive.

So the more effective way to generate more income is forget about money, but focus on doing more good for others!


Being wealthy is not an end result, but a way of being, which includes being compassionate about yourself, your money and others! And you can be wealthy at any time!


Hope you enjoy the soft side of the money tips from an accountant :-)


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