Money has been the number one cause of divorce. Mismanaging money can cause lots of stress, it breaks the relationship and tears a family apart! I understand how painful it can be when the families are stressed about money. As I've been working with money as profession, I also became so determined to explore the smart ways to manage money between couples, including smart tax planning, as I really would think acknowledging people about the

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The average cost of hosting a wedding is £24,000. Expensive isn't it? However, there are tax breaks that have something to do with weddings, which the taxman does not usually tell you directly. It will save you money if you know how to take advantages of them! Here are 3 tax breaks you can consider if you are going to the chapel.   Wedding decorations, food left-over, etc as charitable donation If you are getting

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I was listening to the audio programme 'You Were Born Rich' this morning from Bob Proctor. He mentioned 'success is not an end result, but the progress towards achieving it.' And I think it can also apply to wealth. We've known lots of celebrities who have committed subside, e.g. Robin Williams, Marilyn Monroe, etc. All of them are successful in their career and being highly paid, but they are obviously not very happy in other

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If everything is subject to negotiation, then everything can be tax-deductible under the right circumstances.    What your lifestyle will be like when money is not an issue? You may go on a vacation to your favourite destination, you may go to a Michelin star restaurant, or you may provide your children private education, etc. If you are an entrepreneur, those are the things you may be able to write-off as tax-deductible expenses, so help

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As I started my accounting firm 2 years ago, lots of people asked me why I become an accountant? Why I do what I do now? It all started from a speech from Steve Jobs in Stamford Commencement 2005. He was talking about connecting the dots. Steve Jobs dropped out college and got int o calligraphy class, then he incorporated what he learnt and designed the wonderful typography in today's personal computers. He has encouraged

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Sometimes when you’re a doctor, an innocent question might pop in to your head. “Why am I working so hard to fund my patients’ lifestyles?” Doctors work incredibly hard and are truly lifesavers. They often work overnight, sacrifice holidays and weekends which could be spent with their friends and loved ones. This is why it can come as a bitter pill to swallow when sometimes it can seem that all we treat are patients who

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Photo: Pixabay ‘A personal budget may encourage you to live below the means, but personal balance sheet tells you how you can grow your wealth!’ Whether you are self employed or the sole director of a limited company, you have two primary tools of managing your business finances to see where you are in your finances: Profit and loss statement; Balance sheet. This translates perfectly to personal finance, the primary tools would be a personal



What are the biggest fears for people in today’s economic climate? Unemployment, inflation, and of course, Money.  Lots of people are worrying about money, complaining things are too expensive and never have enough money. Everyone wants money, but not everyone understands money. Looking at the human history, there was a period that there was no such thing as money. People get what they want in exchange of goods they can produce. When it becomes too

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Our life is not simply work hard and wait for the pay cheque. How much are you aware of your spending? The most common items that matter people’s pockets are food, household bills and taxes. It is also a common issue for NHS staffs that they may be required to pay for professional subscription, training fee and uniform on top of those bills to be professionally perform their jobs. However, as we know a business

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It is a common image that the media paints of millionaires plotting against paying their tax, despising the audit and doing all they can to avoid the payout. Often this is received as deceitful and illegal. In reality, having tax-free wealth is none of these things and is rather learning how to utilise your country’s tax laws to your benefit. It is a misconception that tax laws are created to hike your taxes beyond imaginable

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